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SparkleClean Maids are committed to providing SAFE maid service killing corona virus germs. According to guidelines approved by the EPA it takes just 15 seconds of contact with bleach based products and Lysol products to kill the virus. This is why are are NOT a green company. Learn more below for the most current safety protocols that were created to protect both customers and our maids. Safety and health is our #1 priority. While the risk of 2019-nCoV is low for most Virginians still at this time, remember, keeping surfaces clean is one of the ways that the CDC recommends people can prevent infection. 

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Serving homes in Alexandria, VA and some areas of Fairfax County

Coronavirus & COVID-19 Safety Protocols and updates from SparkleClean

Here is a list of what we are doing to keep everyone safe during the pandemic: 

  • Mandatory gloves and face coverings on maids
  • Hand sanitizer provided for each car
  • Encouraging customers to have service BUT to self-isolate in a room that we don’t enter or clean
  • Hand washing/ sanitizing hands between homes
  • Car disinfecting frequently during the day
  • Equipment sanitizing between each home
  • Providing disinfecting services as part of the normal cleaning, including door handles, light switches
  • Continuing to always use fresh microfiber cloths and never cross contaminating (we wash all every night in hot water and bleach at our facility)
  • Social distancing during cleanings and at the office with frequent disinfecting services
  • Disinfecting folders, checks received, and our 2 desks during any exchange of keys and folders
  • We have electronic payment methods available for all services
  • Any maid that takes a sick day is required to bring back a doctor’s note clearing them for future work. Again we don’t have any sick maids, probably due to the nature of our cleaning and protocols.

Some other options to offer support: if you still have a paycheck and wish to give direct support for the maids' wages and to keep our lights on, thank you! We accept gifts thru PayPal, Zelle or Venmo. Just contact us to for our contact information by phone 703-552-1374 or via email sarah@sparklecleanonline.com

Owner Sarah Pelletier and Operations Manager Mayra ensure that our current disinfecting and sanitizing procedures are practiced on a day to day basis. The job of being a Maid comes at a higher risk, and being a Maid is considered  an "at risk" job, even on a regular day due to the germs we encounter cleaning people's homes, hence why we are very vigilant in our safety practices on a day to day basis.  We use Clorox bleach, Lysol, Tilex and other name or professional brands, not watered down imitations. We spray door handles and wall switches with cloths sprayed with disinfectant. We are probably the safest people in your home due to the nature of  our cleaning and the chemicals we have stocked up on at the first threat of the virus. Our canister vacuums have paper trap bags which are disposable. We wash vacuum attachments often and inspect our equipment to ensure clean, safe equipment, again sanitizing all our cleaning attachments and tools to ensure top quality and safe cleaning at your home.

If you prefer disinfecting services only, without a cleaning, please contact the office for pricing!

SparkleClean maids have cleaned numerous types of homes and properties and are happy to take new projects. For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, email us directly at sarah@sparklecleanonline.com or call 703.552.1374 today.