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Hire a House Cleaning and Maid Service in Greater Alexandria, VA

SparkleClean Maid Service has been awarded the Thumbtack "Best of 2016" award. This is the second year in a row. SparkleClean Maid Service uses www.Thumbtack.com to reach our potential customers quickly. Its a great way to compare quotes from us and our competitors.

DIsinfecting Services

Worried about germs? We offer disinfecting services, even without a standard cleaning. Maids with masks, gloves, shoe covers and disinfectant cleansing common hand touch areas to keep you safe

Residential Cleaning

Keep your place spotless! We offer recurring services at flat rates for cleanings every 1, 2 or 4 weeks

Moving Cleaning

This is our signature deep clean so you can move with less worry. Charged by hour at $40 per maid, per hour.

Post Remodel Cleaning

No job is too dirty for our team.

We will capture drywall dust with micro filtration vacuum bags and microfiber cloths. Voila!

SparkleClean Maid Service LLC



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​​100% Women Owned Maid Service, Fully Licensed and Insured   CALL TODAY 703-552-1374 or email sarah@sparklecleanonline.com

Serving homes in Alexandria, VA and some areas of Fairfax County

We are OPEN during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus epidemic...

with strict safety protocols in place. 

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Email us! Call us! Sarah@SparkleCleanOnline.com or 703-552-1374. We have been serving homes in Fairfax County and Alexandria for over 11 years.  All of our maids are wearing masks or face coverings, gloves and disinfecting during your cleaning. We have supplies and are OPEN for all customers. Click our CONTACT button! If you provide your home's address and your email, we can pull up your home online and give you a fast quote in writing within a few hours.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an incredibly economical idea. We're able to get done twice as much cleaning in half the time. We are committed to SAFE cleanings. With our competitive rates, we're making your home a germ free zone. LABOR RATE is $40 per labor hour for all first cleanings with disinfecting services and once you get that cleaning, you have access to cheaper flat rates for every 2 or 4 weeks.

We're a woman-owned and -operated business. We respond to your calls and emails.  Reach out today and see what a difference we can make for you. We look forward to leaving your home SparkleClean!

703-552-1374 or sarah@sparklecleanonline.com